Domaine La Fontaine du Cade in the Ard├Ęche with pool.

For your enjoyment and safety                                             


Our pool from 12 meters by 9 will seduce you with his beautiful color and the maintenance mode.

With his depth(0.50m to 2m 80,)  you can be hearts content in swimming or bathing.

Respecting the rules and our system means that you can spend a great time in the water of the highest quality. In the pool area, as in the whole hotel, Wi-Fi works. Among the visitors of our hotel there are people who are addicted to gambling. While in the pool, they can go to the gambling site Atlas - casino online 2017 and do not worry about the speed of the Internet.. 

To guarantee to make your stay enjoyable and to keep the facilities in good conditions and also for the maximum safety we are kindly

requested to comply you with the regulations of the pool and work together for the safety and hygiene for the interest

of all users of the pool. .                                  

                            The pool is unattended 


                    Access is possible from 9.00 to 21.00




On the edge off a swimming pool is the best prevention the vigilance off parents.        


                                The water quality is vulnerable

 I. Its goes without saying that people with infectious diseases or skin formal prohibition to enter the pool.

II. babies.who wear diapers are not allowed in the pool ( a small bowl biside the pool can be filled which can

    be emptied at the end of the bath).

III. Before going in the waterthe swimmers are allowed to pass by the footbath and take shower.

IV. However, remember that children should not pee in the pool ( it  causes problems with the products

     for the treatment and are responsible for itchy eyes).

V. It is forbidden to use soap or any other similar product in the pool.

VI. It is forbidden to go in short into the pool onely swim dress is allowed.

To ensure the enjoyement and safety, we ask also:


I.  Not calling or shouting to enable to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and also out of respect

    for the other members who use the pool.

II. Not running arround the pool. 

III.Not to open the skimmers and enter to the technical area.

IV.When the robot is in the pool, it's forbidden to enter into the pool and sure not to manipulate

     the robot or take out from the water.

V.  Not puch or throw someone in the water and not smach water to the other swimmers.

VI. Not bomb.

VII.Diving onlly allowed in the deep of the pool ( the depth of the pool is not suitable in the shallowest place).

VIII. Place any objects in the pool and  throwing stones or other objects into the water.

IX. Pets are not allowed at the pool.

.X. Risky or annoying behavior for yourself or other guests or the infrastructure

     makes that we reserve the right to terminate your acces to the pool.

XI. After the opening hours it's forbidden to enter to the pool to give use the time to do analyzes,

     add products and to clean the pool.


We do everything to maintain the quality off the water, but ifafter analyses of the water

show that there is a problem we must prohibit acces to the pool without any form of compensation.