Bois de Païolive (stone forest)

Stone forest

This tour introduces you to the whimsical shapes of the affected erosion bois de Païolive. The massif de Païolive was formed in the Jurassic era and now 150 million later this forest is one of the attractions of the Ardèche. During the walk you pass the Ermitage St.Eugène (privately owned) and walk high above the banks of the Chassezac. There are several vantage points where you have beautiful views of the Gorges du Chassezac. The walk has no great height but the terrain is rough. The flora and fauna here are very rich because of the varied landscapes: undergrowth, lawns, forests, riverbanks. You could even the Sentier de la Vierge (1 hour) do after the walk. A little away from the starting point you can see the famous rock L'Ours et Le Lion still visited by car or by walk.