Nature Reserve was established in January 1980 to the remarkable site of the Gorges de l' Ardèche , to maintain his Mediterranean natural resources , flora and fauna. It also protects our cultural heritage , prehistoric or later , a beautiful example of ancient human presence .

The descent of the Gorges

Wild camping is prohibited in the gap , for safety and also to protect wildlife.
Only on the bivouac areas Gaud and Gournier campers are welcome , practitioners of descent by kayak can stay there , 250 people per pitch per night is allowed, but booking is required .
To book your camp :
The nature reserve of the Gorges de l' Ardèche .
Vallon Pont d' Arc
Tel : 04 75 88 00 41

Other activities

walks :

About 250 miles of trails that is presented in a guide .

Climbing and Caving :

allowed on some sites in the gorge

You can find all the information in the " Guide climbing in the Ardèche
The caving is free . However , climbing the rocks should be reported to the European Union , so that they can inform about the presence of protected species ( Bonelli eagle , vultures etc. .. ) in the most sensitive periods

Before to discover the Natural Park of the Gorge d'Ardeche George there are a few rules to follow .

Respecting and protecting the environment

- Respect the animals, plants , minerals and archeological treasures .
- Staying on the bivouac areas , reservation required .
- Reduce waste to arrival .
- Access to the nature park after 18 hours or overnight navigation (described in Decree No. 80-27 of the prefect ) .

For more information:
Nature Guides Association - Gorges de l' Ardèche
town hall
07150 Vallon Pont d' Arc